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Crown Jelly Rings (RYB Leds)

The Crown Jelly Rings have the famous SquishyTouch™ material which makes them feel like a gummy worm… and they feel soft! These rings are sold as an assortment of colors which include purple, red, pink and blue.


6:$9.00$1.50 ea.  
10:$15.00$1.50 ea.  
15:$21.75$1.45 ea.  
25:$33.75$1.35 ea.  
50:$62.50$1.25 ea.  
75:$86.25$1.15 ea.  
100:$105.00$1.05 ea.  
150:$157.50$1.05 ea.  
200:$210.00$1.05 ea.  
300:$315.00$1.05 ea.  

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